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Healthcare IMC – Integrated Marketing Communication

Healthcare Marketing-oriented Communications



The Pharmaceutical sector is a very special case, compared to others: a product is being sold (or a service provided) that the customer uses, but does not choose or pay for (the patient); is being produced or served) by a person who does not use or pay for it (doctor); and finally being paid for by someone who does not choose or use it (the National Healthcare Service). Moreover, all the matters being communicated, both to patients and healthcare professionals, are strictly regulated (by stautute and bye-laws, laws also on a Community level) in order to protect information.

Within those rules, the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC, Integrated Marketing Communication) is based on coordination of the many communication channels that a Pharmaceutical Company, a Hospital and a Scientific Society could put into action in order to send a clear, coherent and convincing message designed to build strong relationships with the stakeholders.

Integrated and tailor-made projects are therefore also possible within this market. They use the tools and the levers – planned and enriched according to the sector’s peculiarities – of both traditional and innovative marketing,.

Public and Institutional relationships, advocacy, external and internal communication, advertising, sponsorships, digital PR and blogger engagement: everything contributes to awareness, profile and reputation of a product or Company.

Knowledge and experienced direction and a professional team with a high level of expertise in all the relevant areas are of  a vital importance. All those that rely upon specialist knowledge in all areas of Healthcare Integrated Marketing Communication, know that the best way is to trust Value Relations.