Value Relations, Digital Healthcare Communication, Social Media Management, Influencer Engagement

Healthcare Social Media Management & Digital PR

Value Relations Digital Strategy Approach let develop effective Awareness Building Plans as well as Advocacy Campaigns. This is pursued by strategic Influencer Engagement, Social Media Management, Digital Pr, Editorial Partnership within the most authoritative and influencing Digital Media.


From a communication point of view, since web 2.0, it is not just the tools, the paradigms and the strategies taht are changing. EVERYTHING is changing, a part of the relevance of the contents and the correct use of languages.

Digital PR is not public relations as seen in a traditional way, which would mean “just transferred” on the Internet. This transposition could not exist due to the logic that governs this kind of activitiy (the “substance”), and due to their manifestation (tools, language: the “form”).

There is a curiosity about the term of “Digital PR” that maybe be able to explain this transformation better than any complex or woolly analysis: Digital PR does not mean “Digital Public relations”, but “Digital People Relations”. The public, via the Internet, became incarnate in the uniqueness of the people who represent the physical and human terminals of the Web world.

The public listens. And then claps or whistles, comes or goes. Instead people interact, inform themselves and act.

In the Healthcare world, more than ever, individuals are protagonists. The health condition in question belongs to them, and without them no intervention could be possible: neither preventive, nor diagnostic or therapeutical.

That is why, in the web 2.0 Era, the interactions and the answers of the public – in other words people’s “passions” – are much more important than any market analysis, the calculation or projection.

If everybody can stand up and have a say – potentially being able to pool the consensus of millions of users – means that the market is not just influenced by supply and demand, but also by the inclinations, the impressions, the tastes, the ideas of the people. The Digital PR services have the aim to built a value relation with all those interlocutors, and it does not matter if the main characters are products, diseases or Companies. What really means, as usual, is to be “contents owners” and aware of the peculiarity of the language. In the Digital field, the message almost always turns out to be the subject of a conversation. This way, sender and recipient are co-mingled up and the “art of persuasion” turns out to be the skill to share the goal of communication.