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Healthcare Public and Government Affairs

Value Relations provides Top Rate Healthcare Public & Government Affairs Consultancy.


The Public Affairs service consists of strategic activities, addressed to institutional stakeholders, aimed at facilitating the evaluation of decision-makers, through documentation, data and industrial statements.

The services of Public Affairs may be understood, broadly, as the set of institutional relations; or more strictly, as the lobbying activities, which is the ability to mediate between all parties (institutions and interest groups), through a careful analysis of the case in question.

The role of Value Relations, in the activities of Public Affairs, is to communicate, to the Decision Maker (the legislative, or executive decision), and to do so in the most rigorous and clear way.
In this way, the DM is informed and aware of a particular problem, and he is also enabled to act in the light of the needs and the concerns expressed by all the parties and stakeholders in the system.

Value Relations supports the positions of its customers in relation to national and regional institutions, regulatory bodies and financial decision makers, respecting the ethical and methodological correctness of each of these specific activities.


Our operational directories:

  • Regulatory and Legislative monitoring
  • Influencers Analysis
  • Parliamentary Scouting
  • Issue reporting
  • Analytic Mapping of the Stakeholders
  • Relationship and Strategic Marketing
  • Legislative and Regulatory Drafting
  • Intelligence
  • Surveys
  • Position papers
  • Policy briefs
  • Coalition building
  • Workshops & Reports
  • Studies