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Market Access, Value Relations style

Value Relations helps creatring the best environment for Healthcare Market Access needs and opportunity.


Market Access is the set of tools and strategies which, from a “time to market” point of view, can promote the perception of a drug’s or a device’s potential, in order to facilitate and accelerate their entry onto the market.

These strategies, tools and levers include clinical aspects (evidence-based healthcare, epidemiology), economic profiles (pharmaco-economics, health assessment, HTA, Outcomes Research) and regulatory aspects, both at a national and a regional level.

Market Access pertains to the methodology of the business plans, also known as “strategic marketing”. It is born in its specificity in the pharmaceutical sector, but easily implementable in other markets and industries.

Value Relations realizes specific Market Access plans, targeted for Healthcare players. Our plans work through the national level (market entry / reimbursement procedure) and the regional level (PTOR and “local barriers”), with the aim of legitimizing therapies and devices, also implementing specific projects in collaboration with the main stakeholders.

Our operational directories:

Portfolio Assessment vs territory/Region

Scenario analysis and regulatory environment (Key Regions)

Identification “real decision-making process” (Key Regions)

Mapping Key Opinion Leaders

SWOT Analysis

Creation and submission of value propositional & position papers

Individuation of supporters & opponents

Key Opinion Leaders & Decision Makers Engagement

Continuous support during the implementation of the plan